Antiques & Interiors Sale
To include The Property of a Lady of Title
on Thursday 20th June 2013

1.      Box of books inc. reference 5-10
2.      Three boxes inc. car manuals, periodicals etc 5-10
3.      Two boxes inc. war/history reference 5-10
4.      A box of reference books 5-10
5.      Box inc. a Magic Lantern and accessories 30-40
6.      Box of war reference books 5-10
7.      Three boxes inc. reference books, comic books etc 8-12
8.      A basket containing childrens' books 8-12
9.      Cassell's History of England in nine volumes 10-15
10.     Two boxes inc. Limoges, picnic set etc 8-12
11.     A box inc. Batman action and other figures 10-15
12.     Three boxes inc. a partial tea service, pressed glass, silver-plate etc 10-20
13.     Two boxes inc. plated flatware, partial tea services etc 10-15
14.     Two boxes containing a large quantity of Hornsea etc 20-30
15.     A large collection of modern and vintage photographic equipment including, slide projectors, vintage cameras, tripods, screens, large quantity of photographic papers, viewers, dark room equipment, video cameras, a Canon photo printer and other equipment 100-150
15A.    A leather satchel containing a group of masonic regalia 10-20
16.     A vintage Baby cine projector tog. with a mahogany coal box and a hanging light 30-40
17.     Two sets of lawn and carpet bowls (12) 20-40
18.     A box containing a quantity of drinking glasses, stoneware etc 5-10
19.     A leather cased Specto projector, tog. with a leather briefcase etc 30-40
20.     Two boxes inc. Oriental planters, porcelain jars, a butterfly picture etc 20-25
21.     A set of three Tiffany style lampshades 10-20
22.     A box containing pressed glass and modern table wares 4-6
23.     Three boxes containing composition figure groups, partial tea services, Penguin books etc 15-25
24.     A Limoges porcelain dessert service decorated with floral sprays within cobalt borders 50-70
25.     Five boxes containing a quantity of glass decanters (19th century and later), light bulbs, silver-plate, drinking glasses, blue and white, brass tray on stand 10-15
26.     A box containing a quantity of Czech Borska Sklo art glass 30-40
27.     Two boxes containing a group of modern picture frames and prints, oil on canvas etc 8-15
28.     A large wicker log basket, tog. with two handled wicker baskets and a bamboo plant stand 10-15
29.     A box containing a partial floral tea service, Ringtons etc 5-10
30.     A box containing 1930's pressed glass, gilt-metal table lamps, 20th century glass etc 10-15
31.     A box containing two light fittings 8-12
32.     Two boxes containing 1930's pressed glass, partial tea sets, pottery flower holder etc. 10-15
33.     Four boxes containing stoneware jars, Hornsea teapot, three light chandelier, Capodimonte style figure groups, modern tablewares etc. 10-15
34.     A box containing two modern table lamps and two art reference volumes 5-10
35.     Two boxes inc. a quantity of boxed modern doll's house furniture, bongo drum etc 15-20
36.     A box containing a quantity of modern linens 20-30
37.     Two boxes containing a three-piece silver plated tea service, swing handled basket, modern table wares, cased set of six alabaster goblets, modern drinking glasses etc 15-20
38.     A pair of vintage tilly lamps tog. with a vintage projector 10-20
39.     Two boxes inc. a Tempest paraffin lamp, small brass fender, photographer's tripod, webbing belt 15-25
40.     Box of modern table wares 5-10
41.     Two boxes inc. modern light fittings, German modernist stoneware, modern glass pharmacy jars 10-20
42.     A copper helmet form coal scuttle 15-20
43.     A box containing a large composition dog model, modern Chinese jar etc 10-15
44.     Two boxes containing a quantity of table wares and drinking glasses 5-10
45.     A box containing boxed new water jugs 10-20
46.     A Webley target launcher in a wooden box 10-15
47.     Two boxes containing a quantity of decorative painted wooden coat hooks 20-30
48.     Three boxes containing a quantity of boxed decorative nursery coat pegs 20-30
49.     Two boxes containing a large quantity of composition figure groups, pressed glass bells etc 10-15
50.     A miscellaneous collection of copper, brass and silver plated items including horse brasses, candlesticks, jugs etc. 10-20
51.     Three boxes inc. partial tea services, collector plates, two bottle tantalus, claret jug, cottage wares 20-40
52.     A vintage cased picnic set, tog. with a wicker laundry basket 10-20
53.     A bag containing a quantity of musical scores 5-10
54.     A basket containing a quantity of Walt Disney and other soft toys 10-15
55.     Two boxes inc. Hornsea pottery, decorative ceramics etc 10-15
56.     Two boxes containing a quantity of leather cartridge bags, canvas fishing bags etc 30-50
57.     Three boxes inc. decorative terracotta jugs, teapots etc 20-30
58.     A box inc. boxed water jugs, copper jelly mould etc; tog. with a vintage sewing machine 10-15
59.     A box containing decorative enamel painted tin jugs and pails 20-30
60.     Two boxes including decorative painted terracotta jugs, white-glazed sauce boats, a group of vintage 45's (70's/80's) etc 20-30
61.     Three boxes inc. decorative painted wooden and metal coat pegs, picnic jugs, painted pottery jugs etc 15-20
62.     A box of decorative painted pottery jugs 8-15
63.     Two boxes inc. a number of decorative enamel painted tin and pottery jugs 15-20
64.     Two wicker picnic hampers, tog. with two wicker baskets 20-30
65.     A group of vintage wooden tennis rackets 5-10
66.     A copper coal scuttle tog. with a vintage tin 15-20
67.     Two boxes containing a quantity of decorative enamel painted tin miniature watering cans, boxed decorated nursery coat pegs, glazed pottery jugs etc 20-30
68.     Four boxes inc. decorative pottery jugs, glass stoppered jugs, designer fabric off-cuts 20-40
69.     Two boxes inc. painted pottery jugs, kitchen flatware etc 10-20
70.     Two boxes inc. a quantity of boxed nursery coat pegs, painted wooden shelved mirrors etc 20-30
71.     Seven boxes inc. partial tea services, pottery figures, biscuit barrels, vintage tape recorder, drinking glasses 10-20
72.     Three boxes inc. decorative enamel painted canisters, wooden coat pegs, decorative pottery jugs, boxed water jugs etc 20-30
73.     A box containing brass shaving mirror, suede handbag, table lamp 5-10
74.     A leather cased set of four lawn bowls 15-20
75.     A group of coloured glass fishing buoys 10-20
76.     A box containing three vintage oil lamps tog. with an etched glass shade 10-15
77.     A box containing a 1930's pressed glass dressing table set, candlesticks, brass chimney ornaments 15-20
78.     A vintage Oliver typewriter tog. with an Imperial typewriter, vintage wooden tennis racket and an oak-cased wall clock 20-40
79.     A box containing Ronson and other vintage table lighters 30-40
80.     A period style CD player/radio, a plane and a saw 10-15
81.     Two boxes inc. modern drinking glasses, composition cat models, partial tea services etc 8-12
82.     Two boxes containing reproduction wall-mounted telephones, collector plates, Humpty Dumpty money bank, mahogany mantel clock etc 20-30
83.     A box containing three light brass candelabrum, three pairs of brass candlesticks, pair of oak barleytwist candlesticks, silver-plated egg cups, pottery cannon model etc 30-40
84.     Three wooden duck models 15-20
84A.    A glass table lamp 30-40
85.     A box inc. gilt-metal flatware, silver plated photograph frames, modern glass etc 8-12
86.     A box containing a cobbler's last, miner's lamp, flat iron, tog. with a bagatelle board and a barometer 10-15
87.     Two boxes containing a Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy, cabinet plates, composition models, horse tack, vintage lady's handbags and shoes etc 20-30
88.     A box containing Classical LP's, framed map of England etc 5-10
89.     A box containing Royal Albert Old Country Roses partial tea service, boxed Edinburgh Crystal, quantity of bone handled and other flatware 10-15
90.     A box containing a tea service, Burleigh Ware gilt-metal mounted pottery mirror, and a copper planter 25-35
91.     Three boxes containing boxed Corgi model vehicles, two converted carriage lamps, board games, salt-glazed pottery jars, Hornby circuit control box; together with a vintage suitcase 20-30
92.     Two boxes inc. a quantity of pressed glass and silver plated items 15-20
93.     A box containing a Middle Eastern metal tray and ewer, modern table wares etc 5-10
94.     Two boxes inc. blue and white ceramics inc. Blue Willow, drinking glasses etc 5-10
95.     Six boxes of vintage table and other linens 50-70
96.     Three boxes inc. pressed glass, brass tray, net curtains and model vehicles, tog. with a bag of vintage golf clubs 15-20
97.     Three boxes containing vintage mincer, stoneware jugs, opaque glass light shade, souvenir wares, Royal commemoratives etc 20-30
98.     A box containing a quantity of Star Wars model vehicles, lead toy soldiers etc 10-20
99.     A box containing a hammered copper bowl, bronze horse and cart etc 15-20
100.    Two gilt-metal table lamps tog. with an alabaster table lamp 8-12
101.    A vintage picnic hamper tog. with two cuckoo clocks 15-25
102.    Two boxes including a painted decorative letter rack, magazine rack, vintage carpet beaters etc 10-20
103.    A box containing scuba equipment 15-25
104.    A vintage Pentax P30 camera with telephoto lens, tog. with accessories 15-25
105.    Five boxes inc. cottage ware teapots, Murano style clown, 60's and 70's LP's, 1930's pressed glass, collector thimbles, studio pottery, partial tea services etc 30-50
106.    A vintage Elastoplast Doctor's Set tin, tog. with a spirit kettle and a converted brass oil lamp etc 15-20
107.    A box containing a quantity of late 19th/early 20th century family and other bibles 25-35
108.    A box containing a quantity of decorative painted wooden shelves and coat hooks 15-25
109.    A group of eight large copper jugs 25-35
110.    A box of embroidered table linens and handkerchiefs together with a vintage nurse's skirt. 10-20
111.    A box of linen and table cloths. 10-20
112.    A felt-lined canvas shotgun case 20-30
113.    A box containing black Spanish scarves and a black cape. 12-18
114.    A box containing a belly dancer's black belt etc. 12-18
115.    A brass coal bucket with studded decoration 15-20
116.    A brass and white metal coal bucket 10-20
117.    A copper coal bucket 10-20
118.    A wooden canteen and a box 5-10
119.    A tribal dug-out bowl 25-35
120.    A Power Play acoustic guitar 15-20
121.    A 19th century walnut footstool 25-35
122.    A group of ten late 19th/early 20th century canvas O/S maps from the Barnard Castle Rural District Council Sanitary Inspectors Office, depicting the old railway network, the coal pits and drifts, spring water supplies and very small villages tog. with a large late 19th century hand printed map of Middleton, Co. Durham. (11) 50-70
123.    A quantity of The Connoisseur Magazine, c. 1905-1915, each profusely illustrated and with multiple period advertisments; tog. with The Times History and Encyclopedia of the War (World War I) 30-40
124.    Four German modernist stoneware vases 30-40
125.    A pair of reproduction "Davey & Co" hanging lanterns 40-60
126.    A group of walking sticks tog. with a shooting stick 8-12
127.    An ali baba basket 8-12
128.    An early 20th century brass bound oval coopered barrel form planter, bearing ivorine label; together with a brass pan 30-40
129.    Two trays inc. a Royal Doulton partial dinner service, collector plates, Wedgwood jasperware trinket dish etc 15-20
130.    Two trays inc. studio glass, Royal Winton etc 15-20
131.    A David Mellor stainless steel flatware twelve place setting service 50-70
132.    Two mid-Victorian bibles 20-30
133.    A pair of Colefax and Fowler curtains and pelmet tog. with a pair of cushions and fabric off-cuts 30-40
134.    Two boxes containing needlework and other cushions 30-40
135.    Two boxes containing a quantity of costume jewellery 20-40
136.    A basket containing a bowler hat, pair of binoculars and a bugle 10-20
137.    A tray inc. Chinese blue and white ceramics, Old Willow pattern meat plates, carved wooden spoons, Bohemian glass beaker, Chinese soapstone etc 25-35
138.    A Japanese porcelain vase 10-15
139.    Two trays containing a quantity of Poole pottery, a pair of Belleek vases etc 20-30
140.    A tray including a Wedgwood Chinoiserie decorated plate, Doulton home-decorated plate, Doulton Bunnykins money bank, etc 20-40
141.    A tray of Indian and Spanish figures. 10-20
142.    A Myott 'Verona' pattern Ironstone ware part dinner service comprising two tureens and covers, a small oval serving dish, five dinner plates, five desert plates and seven side plates. 10-15
143.    Two Ironstone jugs. 20-30
144.    A wooden box with vintage plane tog. with an opaque glass oil lamp shade 10-15
145.    A set of Bush & Hall cast iron scales 20-30
146.    An Edna Wallace pink and purple velvet hat, a Mitzi Lorenze green polyester ladies hat and four other vintage ladies hats together with a cardboard County Classics hat box. (7) 25-35
147.    A pair of kelim cushions 20-30
148.    A box containing a copper galleried tray, brass chimney ornaments, brass chamber stick etc; tog. with a group of needlework panels and table linens 20-30
149.    A large pair of Chinese blue and white covered baluster jars and covers 180-250
150.    A vintage satin quilt 5-10
151.    A group of late 19th century horse brasses on leathers tog. with two brass chestnut roasters 100-150
152.    A box of horse tack 5-10
153.    A tray inc. a partial coffee service, crested wares etc tog. with a box of modern table wares etc 5-10
154.    Two Enfield bakelite mantel clocks 20-30
155.    Three trays inc. Aynsley, George VI Coronation pressed glass, Murano style cockerel, cased glass etc 15-25
156.    Toleware planters and a faux-book lamp 15-20
157.    Two pottery crocks 8-12
158.    A Dudson partial tea service, vintage tools etc 5-10
159.    Two 1930's hanging glass light shades 10-15
160.    A Royal Albert Old English Rose pattern tea service etc 8-12
161.    Two trays inc. giltwood sconces, Carnival Glass, binoculars, coffee spoons etc 10-20
162.    A large quantity of costume jewellery and wristwatches 30-50
163.    A tray containing vintage Beano comics, cottage wares etc 8-12
164.    A quantity of GB coins, a group of The Dandy comics, pottery table lamps etc 10-15
165.    A group of modernist German stoneware 15-25
166.    Two trays inc. Portmeirion, decanter, Carnival Glass etc 10-20
167.    A marbled glass hanging light shade, tog. with a vintage lemonade set 10-20
168.    A large quantity of Johnson Bros. dinner and tea wares 10-20
169.    Three trays inc. Royal Albert Lavender Rose, pressed moulded glass, novelty ornaments, Sadler racing car teapot (a/f) etc 20-30
170.    Two boxes inc. commemorative wares, table wares etc 5-10
171.    Over 300 GB First Day Covers inc. Benham and PPS silks 40-60
172.    Two Windsor albums with a good collection of mint and used Queen Elizabeth commemorative stamps and First Day Covers, 1971-2004 40-60
173.    Two old albums with a good collection of Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth AND First Day Covers 40-60
174.    A box inc. silver plated spirit kettle on stand, Chinese hardstone tree etc 15-25
175.    A folio of black and white prints inc. fashion engravings and a coloured engraving etc 20-30
176.    A tray inc. two cased pairs of Le Jockey Club racing glasses, bone fans, Carnival Glass, terracotta Venus de Milo etc 20-30
177.    A Bose i-pod docking station 30-50
178.    A quantity of toys and stuffed toys tog. with two trays containing Royal commemoratives, dog models etc 10-20
179.    A cased lustre glazed six piece coffee service, c. 1930 with six silver spoons 30-50
180.    A tray inc. Rington's tog. with Coronation 1937 souvenir books and periodicals 20-30
181.    Two trays including a group of bisque and white-glazed putto models, pottery jugs etc 25-35
182.    Three trays inc. a pair of Dresden white-glazed figural candelabra, quantity of decorative jugs, a pair of pressed glass three light candelabra, Limoges and other trinket boxes etc 30-50
183.    Two trays of decorative painted pottery jugs 20-30
184.    Two composition jockey models tog. with a brass horse model and a pottery horse 10-20
185.    A Royal Doulton character jug, Sairey Gamp together with a quantity of drinking glasses and a tray of miscellaneous ceramics etc 5-10
186.    A group of Chinese vases 20-30
187.    A collection of late19th/early 20th century GB coins including decimal and pre-decimal collector sets together with a small quantity of South American bank notes, inside a black leather Gladstone bag. 30-50
188.    A Chinese blue and white baluster jar and cover tog. with a Chinese blue and white baluster vase (2) 20-30
189.    Two trays inc. a group of Masonic regalia, yew pipe box and pipes, wooden truncheon, Viking's head car mascot, 25-35
190.    A quantity of Wedgwood Barlaston dinner and tea wares 40-60
191.    A box of Ordnance Survey maps, predominantly Yorkshire and Cleveland, tog. with a tray containing a Wedgwood table lighter, cocktail shaker etc 20-30
192.    A tray of commemorative coins, cast iron wagon plaque, composition Laurel & Hardy models 15-20
193.    A tray inc. a Royal Worcester figure of HM The Queen, a dachshund model, Coalport squirrel etc 25-35
194.    A tray comprising a partial Shelley tea service 40-50
195.    A tray including a Wade Tetley Tea jar, Carlton Ware, hors d'ouevres dish, babycham glasses etc 10-20
196.    A cased Corona vintage typewriter 20-30
197.    A period style bisque head doll 15-20
198.    A set of four hunting prints after S. Wright, framed 20-30
199.    A group of three necklaces including faux amber, coral. 25-35
200.    A suede jewellery casket containing a quantity of mother of pearl and other bead necklaces. 60-80
201.    A green leather jewellery case. 10-15
202.    Two trays of decorative Burleigh and other jugs 15-25
203.    Two trays inc. decorative jugs 15-20
204.    Two trays of cream glazed floral encrusted jugs, Dartington Crystal jugs etc 20-30
205.    Two trays inc. a quantity of Ringtons 15-20
206.    Two trays inc. a Rupert the Bear stuffed toy, composition bear models, two Border Fine Arts Beatrix Potter figures 15-20
207.    Two trays inc. Masons, Ringtons and other Royal Commemorative jugs, Limoges vase, urns etc 20-30
208.    A large composition bust of Julius Caesar tog. with a pair of composition horse's heads and a group of prints 10-20
209.    A tray inc. a small quantity of costume jewellery, two hip flasks, a group of GB coin sets etc 20-30
210.    Two trays inc. cut-glass wine flasks, ruby glass basket, beaker, Limoges covered dish, a sterling silver (weighted) candlestick, cut-glass dressing table boxes etc 20-40
211.    A tray inc. a Middle Eastern brass vase, floral-encrusted wares, Wedgwood blue jasperware dish etc 10-20
212.    A tray inc. Ringtons, Solian Ware etc 5-10
213.    Two trays of Wedgwood blue jasperware 30-40
214.    A box containing a quantity of costume jewellery 35-40
215.    A large quantity of costume jewellery 60-80
216.    A tray including a Limoges vase and cover, a Continental enamel painted glass vase, a pair of 19th century small turquoise glass urns, etc 30-40
217.    A group of Victorian and later shoe buckles and faux tortoiseshell hair combs 20-30
218.    A cased set of mother of pearl handled fruit knives, tog. with a quantity of silver plated flatware 15-25
219.    A tray inc. a Torquay Ware charger, silver plated tray, floral painted tazza etc 10-20
220.    A wicker picnic hamper and contents 20-30
221.    Vintage juicer and a mixing bowl 10-20
222.    A vintage oak barleytwist table lamp tog. with a leather jewellery box, gentleman's studs and a Stratton compact 15-20
223.    A group of period horse brasses, a riding crop and a pair of spurs 25-35
224.    A Fijian carved tribal figure 10-20
225.    A tray of silver-handled fruit knives and forks and mother of pearl handled knives. 15-20
226.    Horological interest: a box containing gilt-metal spandrels, small clock weights, a small winder and clock keys 10-20
227.    Three trays inc. a Royal Doulton partial tea service, a Paragon cake plate, shell casing, Chinoiserie mantel clock, model animals etc 20-30
228.    A collection of Avon novelty glass perfume bottles including figures of cats, dogs, horse, pheasant, rhinoceros, owl and fish. (18) 15-20
229.    A tray inc. Oriental ceramics 10-15
230.    A slate mantel clock of architectural form, 19th century 30-40
231.    A tray of table wares 4-6
232.    A group of studio pottery 10-15
233.    A box of toy aeroplane parts including two Master Airscrew propellers and two Torpedo engines. (qty) 5-10
234.    Two beadwork evening bags 8-12
235.    A Middle Eastern brass tray tog. with four mineral samples etc 8-12
236.    An oak canteen containing a quantity of bone-handled flatware 20-30
237.    A group of three Chinese hardstone carvings, a foo dog, a monkey on a horse and a ram. Tallest 20cm 35-45
238.    A Chinese mottled green hardstone pot in the form of a dragon together with another hardstone pot. 10-20
239.    A tray containing millefiori paperweight, Beswick bird model, Aynsley otter etc 10-15
240.    A tray inc. Royal Worcester wildlife mugs, Royal Doulton dish, Poole etc 10-15
241.    A box of fly-tying accessories 8-15
242.    A vintage leather suitcase 10-20
243.    Various dressing table items inc. ebonised brushes and silver plate and enamel brushes etc. 10-20
244.    A tray inc. blue and white biscuit barrel, cut glass bowl, Crown Devon butter dish etc, tog. with a group of Chinese blue and white porcelain bowls etc 40-60
245.    A tray inc. a 19th century pink glased vase of Nailsea type, a similar bell, pressed glass etc 15-25
246.    Two trays inc. a 19th century copper pail, Italian painted wooden box, terracotta figure, small metal tsuba, Belleek clover-leaf dish etc 25-35
247.    Two trays inc. cottage ware teapots and butter dishes, cased glass basket, Susie Cooper for Wedgwood vase, crested wares etc 15-25
248.    A box containing a quantity of GB stamps and First Day Covers 20-30
249.    Two boxes of costume jewellery 10-20
250.    Two trays containing a quantity of Limoges porcelain 10-20
251.    A vintage snakeskin handbag tog. with a leather jewellery case 25-35
252.    Two Victorian leather bound photograph albums 20-30
253.    A tray inc. a quantity of GB coin sets, commemorative spoons etc, tog. with a quantity of 1953 Coronation periodicals 30-50
254.    A lacquered wicker bowl containing two silver topped jars, three silver thimbles, a group of compacts and a silver fob watch. 60-80
255.    Two vintage amber coloured necklaces. 40-60
256.    A period style lamp modelled with putti 10-20
257.    A gilt-metal and pressed glass five light chandelier 10-20
258.    A box of gilt-metal light fittings 15-20
259.    Two boxes containing a quantity of LP's 10-15
260.    An American "Gingerbread" clock, carved with lions and flowers, made by the New Haven Clock Company, Connecticut, USA, the eight day movement striking on a chime, with white enamel dial and Arabic numerals, height 62cm 30-50
261.    A period carved oak panel 20-30
262.    A Chinese famille rose porcelain teapot 20-30
263.    A vintage pond yacht 20-30
264.    A group of Shelley inc. a pair of vases, coffee set etc. 15-25
265.    A group of Masons, Ironstone ceramics 50-70
266.    Six Royal Doulton figures inc. Bess, Marie etc. 40-60
267.    Three Spanish porcelain figures 15-20
268.    A 19th century blue and white transfer printed dish 8-12
269.    A group of 1950's Meccano inc. a transformer etc. 30-50
270.    A 19th century slate mantel clock of architectural form 20-30
271.    A pair of mid 19th century Ironstone sauce tureens on stand, Hicks Meigh & Johnson, in the Imari palette 120-180
272.    An early 20th century silver-plated and cut-glass four bottle cruet; together with a hip flask in a leather travelling case. 15-20
273.    An early 19th century "farmers arms" loving cup together with another early 19th century mug and a salt-glazed stoneware jug. (3) 10-20
274.    A mid 19th century loving cup bearing printed mark for Pratt Fenton, tog. with a blue glazed mid 19th century decorated with hunting scene bearing registration mark for 1850 30-40
275.    A Royal Doulton, 'The Pied Piper', HN2102 40-60
276.    A copper bed warmer 10-20
277.    A reproduction oak cased school type clock, the dial marked W Horns & Sons, Leyburn 30-40
278.    A large 19th century mother of pearl inlaid papier mache tray 20-30
279.    A large early 20th century Chinese planter of circular form decorated with Chinese scenes bearing seal mark to base
280.    A 19th century walnut slant front stationery box 60-80
281.    A group of Royal Albert Old Country Roses wares 25-35
282.    A sealed envelope depicting Dr Sun Yat-sen the founding father of the Republic of China, flags and calligraphy. 31cm x 22cm 10-20
283.    A boxed Waterford Crystal golf club paperweight 25-35
284.    A Royal Doulton group of Siamese kittens; together with a Beswick model of a kitten (2) 15-20
285.    A pair of 20th century ebony bookends in the form of elephants 20-30
286.    A 19th century Prattware pot lid of the Late Prince Consort - Prince Albert 20-30
287.    A rosewood tea caddy 20-30
288.    A 19th century strong box 20-30
289.    A Royal Doulton figure of fox standing in huntsman clothing, D6448, together with a Beswick Wendover Billy ornament 40-60
290.    A pair of cream glazed pottery models of game birds, tog. with a pair of white glazed pottery game models 15-25
291.    A Royal Doulton figure, The Judge, HN2443 30-40
292.    A large 19th century Delft dish painted in blue and white bearing mark to base 30-50
293.    Two pairs of Clarice Cliff 'Ophelia' pattern teacup, saucer and cake plate in sepia colouring 8-12
294.    A pair of Italian white glazed pottery putti groups 20-30
295.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight, Wren with silver button (seconds) 40-60
296.    A spelter figure of a woman playing a lute together with a patinated metal figure of classical maiden. 50-70
297.    An Arthur Bowker 'Long John Silver' figure 20-30
298.    A Masai hide dance shield 60-80
299.    A group of 19th century Staffordshire inc. a pair of seated figures of Victoria and Albert 30-50
300.    An 1920's Doulton Burslem vase decorated with iris (a/f) 10-20
301.    A set of five Wade NatWest pig moneybanks 40-60
302.    A group of Maling lustre glazed tablewares 25-35
303.    Three Richard Ginori, Italy pattern trinket dishes together with a German porcelain model of a whale 20-30
304.    A group of Victorian papier mache desk articles 40-60
305.    A 19th century stained pine mantel clock 10-20
306.    A 19th century oak slant front stationery box with inscribed campaign handle bearing date 1875 20-30
307.    A Victorian slate mantel clock 30-40
308.    A 2 1/2" Paramount wide arbour fly reel. 25-35
309.    A 3" Paramount wide arbour fly reel 25-35
310.    A group of books inc. Sir John Hunt, The Ascent of Everest, 1st ed. pub. 1953 20-30
311.    A slate mantel clock of architectural form 30-50
312.    A brass mirror 5-10
313.    A modern wall clock 10-20
314.    A Clifford Essex banjo 20-30
315.    A set of five Wade Natwest pigs 40-60
316.    A group of Border Fine Art Models inc. fishermen, swans and otters 10-20
317.    Roald Dahl, The Gremlins from the Walt Disney Production, first edition, dust jacket lacking, back page missing, stained in places 100-150
318.    A Portuguse majolica dish of Pailssy type, c1900, modelled with serpents and lizards, impressed mark for Mafra to base, 21cm diameter 150-200
319.    A Crown Staffordshire model of a Dove with floral encrusted decoration, bearing mark to base 15-20
320.    Transport interest: Yorkshire enamelled sign "Fare Stage" 40-60
321.    A late 19th century probably Sampson of Paris, three piece Armorial garniture in the Chinese export taste 60-80
322.    A 20th century silver plated copy of the Ambleside kettle 30-40
323.    A modern cased violin and bow 25-35
324.    A pair of figural five light candelabra in Dresden style, 60-80
325.    A Match fishing rod and reel, with spare spool. 20-30
326.    A pair of Victorian gilt decorated cranberry glass lustres, height 23cm 30-40
327.    A violin bow stamped Voirin 40-50
328.    A 20th century blue and white baluster vase decorated with flowers, 25cm high 12-18
329.    A pair of Satsuma baluster vases, each with a blue ground 20-40
330.    A vintage wooden box, Pilkingtons, containing wooden planes etc 30-40
331.    A French gilt-metal carriage clock in the Rococo taste, 18cm 200-300
332.    A 19th century oak miniature or apprentice chest of drawers 50-70
333.    A large oak cased canteen complete with plated flatware 80-100
334.    A pair of tall Chinese vases decorated with children playing in landscapes and geometric designs. 34cm tall 180-200
335.    A Chinese blue and white covered jar, tog. with an imari charger 15-20
336.    A group of five assorted railway share certificates, including Illinois Central Railroad Company, Erie Railroad Company Etc. 20-30
337.    A tray including Wedgwood blue jasperware, Wedgwood green jasperware etc. 10-15
338.    A woollen paisley shawl with a green ground, 110cm x 228cm 20-30
339.    A Rosenthal porcelain floral decorated bowl and plate
340.    Two Royal Worcester porcelain horse head ornaments, Chronos and Phlegon 20-30
341.    A Beswick china horse head wall ornament, incised to base, Arab 1385 together with a Beswick lying stag figure, incised Beswick 935 to base 20-30
342.    A George V silver-mounted cut-glass vase, London 1927; together with a Victorian silver-plate mounted cut-glass claret jug. (2) 15-20
343.    A Coalport transfer printed centre bowl 5-10
344.    A Match rod and reel. 20-30
345.    A modern Chinese violin and bow, cased 20-30
346.    A Bovril advertising clock 10-20
347.    A pair of mid-19th century George F. Smith & Co blue and white meat plates in the Eton College pattern. 50-70
348.    An Edwardian desk burr walnut stationery cabinet 150-200
349.    Seven bone handled Deco style knives, together with two mother of pearl salts, a bone fan and a group of bone implements. 40-60
350.    A group of lady's hats comprising: a modern Debut wide-brimmed black hat; two black "hat-i-nators"; a black fascinator; and a white fascinator. (5) 40-60
351.    A mid 19th century Wedgwood black basalt pot pourri of 18th century design, raised on three stylised dolphins 30-40
352.    A pair of Chinese porcelain bowls decorated with fruit and foliage, each with six character mark to base. Diameter 10cm 180-220
353.    A pair of horse brasses. 18-22
354.    A porcelain house-form pastille burner 10-20
355.    A Royal Copenhagen calendar plate, Christmas 1972 8-12
356.    A taxidermy of a stag's head 80-120
357.    A brass and copper warming pan 10-20
358.    A Robert "Mouseman" Thompson oak book trough with carved mouse signature. Length 46cm 150-200
359.    A pair of early 20th century oak and glass ceiling lights. 18cm high 10-20
360.    A Crown Stafford porcelain bird group, "Tom-Tit" by J.T. Jones 40-60
361.    A collection of coins, including a James 1st shilling 1659, a Charles 11 shilling, a Queen Anne shilling and other 18th and 19th British coins together with a collection of mainly
post 1900 Foreign and Commonwealth coins, a circular silver plated sovereign case together with approximately 42 George V1 farthings. 50-70
362.    A 20th century Kayserzinn twin handled pewter covered preserve dish cast with stylised floral sprays, stamped mark to base and with glass liner. Handle to handle 16cm 60-80
363.    An autographed record "You're My Everything" by Max Bygraves together with four other autographs 10-20
364.    An Oriental carved black soapstone figure of a Dog of Fo, on rectangular plinth.
12cm high 30-50
365.    A Chinese porcelain covered dish moulded in relief with birds amidst flowering boughs, character mark to base, diameter 18.5cm 130-150
366.    A pair of Victorian cranberry, etched glass decanters with stoppers. Height 34cm 25-35
367.    Three bone handled tortoiseshell bowl spoons with red coral finials, possibly Turkish 20-30
368.    Four carved tortoiseshell spoons with carved bone handles, probably Turkish 30-40
369.    Five horn spoons, probably Turkish 20-30
370.    A Vintage Marquessa lizard skin handbag together with a Mappin & Webb Ltd snake skin vintage handbag, (2)
371.    "The Wild Fowl Paintings of Henry Jones", a Ltd ed. boxed volume, 200/350, pub. London 1987 30-40
372.    Two bayonets each with scabbard, tog. with a late 18th/19th century brass hilted sword 50-70
373.    A German World War II officer's sword with metal scabbard and lion head pommel 80-120
374.    A 1955 cast iron wagon plate, "B383760 Shildon", together with a quantity of approx. 300 topographical and other postcards. 20-30
375.    A collection of early 20th century British and Commonwealth stamps, housed in three small albums and loose.

376.    Thomas Baines and William Fairbairn, Lancashire and Cheshire Past and Present, four volumes, gilt tooled covers, 4to, engraved frontspieces 100-150
377.    A pair of Victorian brass gas light wall sconces, decorated with sunflower flower and foliage. 33cm long
378.    A Victorian silver fish slice and fork (marks rubbed) together with a set of four ivory handled knives and three fruit forks, a set of six 18th century bone handled forks and a steel stilton scoop. 20-40
379.    An oak framed mirror, tog. with a pair of wooden book ends, a pine cigar box and a porcupine quill bowl 15-25
380.    A William Moorcroft dish, tubelined and hand painted with puffins, with stamped marks to base and painted signature (second), 11.5cm diameter 30-50
381.    A Copeland Spode Famous Show Jumpers plate, No 1'Tosco, with Pat Smythe Up' 10-20
382.    A black glazed pottery elephant, 15cm high 20-30
383.    A pair of mid 19th century Middlesbrough Pottery Caledonia pattern blue and white transfer printed soup bowls together with two blue and white transfer printed hexagonal vases decorated with figures by a cottage. (4) 30-50
384.    A Crown Devon Fieldings lustre ware bowl, (circa 1920-1930) decorated with an ornate garden path and lily pond on a blue ground. 25cm diameter. 100-120
385.    A Canton porcelain famille rose covered jar of baluster form, the cover with a foo dog knop, painted with figural panels, Height 47cm 150-250
386.    An oak cased wall clock 15-25
387.    A carved wooden duck model 20-30
388.    A pair of Victorian gilt bronze candlesticks, the sconces with three loop handles above slender stems on shaped scroll and shell base and three lion paw feet. 25cm high 25-35
389.    A modern Chinese blue and white square vase decorated with scenes of China, 36cm high 10-20
390.    A patinated metal bust of Hitler, 20cm 20-30
391.    A set of six Chinese watercolours on rice paper of tradesmen, early 20th century, tog. with a set of six Chinese watercolours on rice paper of junks and an ivory handle 80-120
392.    A pair of Chinese blue and white porcelain vases decorated with fish. Height 40cm 25-35
393.    A Chinese porcelain bowl, blue painted with mythical creatures and swirling decoration, with blue circle marks to base. Height 17cm 350-450
394.    A Chinese porcelain flask form vase, decorated with the dragon and flaming pearl motif, with six character mark to base. Height 27cm 350-450
395.    A Chinese porcelain bowl decorated with urns, fishes, foliage etc. with six character mark to base. Height 8cm 350-450
396.    A Chinese blue and white footed dish decorated with dragons, the interior with six character mark. Height 10.5cm 350-450
397.    A Chinese porcelain jardiniere, diameter 35cm 25-35
398.    A glass walking cane 15-25
399.     A 19th century gilt brass mantel clock bearing plaque for Japy Freres on base 100-120
400.    A 19th century copper tray with pierced gallery 20-30
400A.   A group of professional photographers lenses, including a Nikon 28-70 F2.8D, a Nikon 28-105, a Nikon 70-300 F4, various Canon, sigma lenses etc tog. with a Nikon D100 camera. 100-150
401.    A child's purple violin in matching case, Ashton 20-30
402.    A pair of brass candlesticks with etched glass shades, tog. with a moulded glass oil lamp 10-20
403.    Four striking large gilt decorative putti 30-50
404.    A Chinese lady's silk pyjamas 10-20
405.    Two boxes of novelty and other ceramics inc. ducks 15-20
406.    A 1960's silk shift dress 10-20
407.    A vintage silk embroidered fine wool evening shawl 20-30
408.    Two 1950's/60's cocktail dresses, one pale blue lace 25-35
409.    Two 1960's print cotton dresses 25-35
410.    A 1960's turquoise and silver cocktail dress 10-20
411.    A black leather biker's jacket and trousers 20-30
412.    A group of military uniforms inc. a red mess jacket 30-40
413.    Two fur coats, one brown one black. 5-10
414.    A fur gillet 10-20
414A.   A vintage full length fur coat 60-80
415.    A 1940's cream silk wedding dress with original photographs of it being worn by the bride 50-70
416.    A box containing silk stockings, leather gloves and faux fur gloves 10-15
417.    A group of five vintage evening bags 12-18
418.    Seven vintage handbags. (7) 10-15
419.    Black PVC trench coat, tog. with blue and silver brocade and cotton coat and black/white tartan long dress 15-20
420.    Pair of combat trousers, black jeans, black boob tube, tog. with a long black velvet coat 15-20
421.    Three black satin over dresses, tog. with a Jaeger black velvet skirt suit (size 12) 15-25
422.    Three skirts tog. with frilly black shirt 15-20
423.    A group of four Gothic dresses inc. an 80's black and purple, a black Phaze dress, black velvet long skirt and black metal detail dress 15-20
424.    Three black Gothic skirts and a black dress 15-20
425.    Two black lace blouses, tog. with one black chiffon blouse and black lace blouse 15-20
426.    Four Gothic dresses, one dark red lace, one black chiffon, one decorated to the front with a red cross and black cotton with hanky hem 15-20
427.    Three black blouses, tog. with satin skirt 15-20
428.    A black lace skirt and jacket, tog. with a black denim jacket, black cardigan and burgundy/black lace skirt 15-20
429.    A tee-shirt dress, tog. with two blouses and black velvet skirt 15-20
430.    Three skirts tog. with a pair of bondage trousers 15-20
431.    A red and black corset with feather trim, pair of black bloomers, red and black dress, tog. with red and white dress 15-20
432.    Four long dresses inc. black velvet, suede and two black cotton 15-20
433.    Four long skirts inc. one black velvet, purple velvet and two black net 15-20
434.    Four long velvet skirts, inc. black, red, blue and purple 15-20
435.    Four skirts, white cobweb net over black 15-20
436.    Three black dresses tog. with black jumpsuit 15-20
437.    Three skirts, tog. with a short black and white lace cape 15-20
438.    Two black/white tartan jackets, tog. with two black blouses 15-20
439.    Two skirts, tog with a white top and black hoodie 15-20
440.    Three long black velvet skirts, tog. with black satin skirt 15-20
441.    Two PVC pin stripe skirts with matching tops 15-20
442.    A group inc. one dress, velvet top, boob tube and corset 15-20
443.    Two black lace tops, tog. with a velvet top and sequinned waistcoat 15-20
444.    Two shirts tog. with a gingham cape and a pink satin and white peasant top 15-20
445.    Three black tops, tog. with a halter-neck top 15-20
446.    Four skirts inc. black/purple, a mini skirt and a ra-ra skirt 15-20
447.    Four tops inc. two purple brocade, black and red and black PVC 15-20
448.    Four tops inc. black and purple, black and white lace 15-20
449.    Four black corsets with a hint of lace boob tube 15-20
450.    Four black embroidered cardigans 10-15
451.    Four black embroidered cardigans 10-15
452.    A red net top tog. with two black lace tops and a black/white lace top 15-20
453.    An extra large purple velvet corset, tog. with three tee-shirts 15-20
454.    A French maid's outfit, tog. with two black/white net skirts and a black studded skirt 15-20
455.    Four skirts, inc. black/purple tartan, black/red tartan and black brocade 15-20
456.    A black velvet top, tog. with a leopard print top, black/red top and a black/purple top 15-20
457.    Four skirts, inc. black/purple, pink tartan, red ra-ra skirt and a skirt decorated with black and purple stars 15-20
458.    Four mini skirts "pp" decorated with zips, black and silver stars and purple tartan 15-20
459.    A group of four ra-ra skirts, pink, lime, orange and black stars 15-20
460.    A group of four corsets inc. two pink gingham, one black beaded and one green 15-20
461.    Four corsets, inc. pink leopard print velvet and brown beadwork 15-20
462.    Four corsets inc. burgundy, black satin, purple satin and pink tartan 15-20
463.    Three corsets inc. black and white stars, purple satin basque, black/purple, tog. with black and red mini skirt 15-20
464.    A group of four corsets, inc. black/white, pink gingham, tartan PVC and a purple/black satin 15-20
465.    A group of four corsets inc. one decorated with roses, one with scull motif 15-20
466.    A group of four corsets inc. red, black and purple 15-20
467.    A group of tops and corsets, inc. black, gingham, pink and camouflage 15-20
468.    Four corsets inc. PVC, satin and fuschia pink 15-20
469.    Four corsets inc. PVC and brocade 15-20
470.    Three corsets, tog. with black brocade skirt 15-20
471.    Four corsets inc. PVC and brocade 15-20
472.    Four corsets inc. three PVC and one cotton 15-20
473.    Three corsets and one corset top, all brocade 15-20
474.    Three black brocade corset tops, tog. with a skirt 15-20
475.    Four corset tops with brocade panels 15-20
476.    Two black and red corsets, tog. with purple and black corset and a satin corset 15-20
477.    Four Gothic corsets inc. black velvet, red and black lace, red velvet and black lace 15-20
478.    Four corset tops inc. black and gold lace, silver lace, red net and black velvet net 15-20
479.    Four corset tops inc. cream and red beaded, black and pink diamante 15-20
480.    A suitcase containing an Edwardian cream lace trimmed bodice, skirt etc. 15-25
481.    A single strand of bouton shaped cultured freshwater pearls. Length approx. 86cm 30-50
482.    An 18ct gold single stone diamond ring, the round brilliant (approx. 0.2 carats) on a broad gold band. Ring size M, 5.6 grams 80-120
483.    An 18ct gold single stone diamond ring, the round brilliant (approx. 0.15 carats) between palladium set shoulders. Ring size N, 2.6 grams 50-70
484.    Four 9ct gold wedding bands. Total 14 grams 120-180
485.    Two 9ct gold dress rings together with a gilt-metal dress ring. Gross two gold rings 5 grams 40-50
486.    A 9ct gold opal ring; together with a 9ct gold dress ring. (2) Gross 5 grams 50-70
487.    An Edwardian silver stamp box, enamelled "Stamps" in blue, London 1907; together with a George V silver baby's spoon, Levi & Solomon, Birmingham 1926, the bowl chased with figures from the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle. 30-50
488.    A cased set of six George V silver coffee bean spoons, tog. with two cased sets of six silver teaspoons of similar date 70-90
489.    Withdrawn
490.    A silver mounted cranberry glass match striker, tog. with a silver box 30-40
491.    A group including three cloisonne vases and three cloisonne napkin rings. 10-20
492.    A group of three portrait miniatures in period style, two in ivory frames. (3) 30-40
493.    A Gucci gentleman's wristwatch, with black dial, the gilt-metal bezel with Roman numerals, leather strap, cased. 50-60
494.    A 19th century Chinese pewter tea canister, engraved with a dragon. 25-35
495.    A cased pair of Edwardian Asprey & Co. silver pepperettes, Charles & George Asprey, London 1904 50-70
496.    A gentleman's 9ct gold band ring with diamond, set in the 'gypsy' style 120-180
497.    A Victorian silver open-face pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals, cased marked for Birmingham 1878 (a/f) 30-40
498.    A first day cover to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Dam Busters (29th May 1968) 30-40
499.    A Royal Crown Derby miniature vase in the Imari pallet (1128), together with a Royal Crown Derby trinket dish, pattern number 1128 25-35
500.    An Edwardian silver collared moulded glass ashtray/match holder , Chester 1902, together with silver collared vase, Birmingham 1901 25-35
501.    Four Georgian design toddy ladles to include a hallmarked silver example for Sheffield 1920, all with turned handles 100-150
502.    A group of costume jewellery to include 1920s French glass bead necklaces, Whitby jet bracelet, Chinese style bracelet and pendant, silver stick pin etc 20-30
503.    A 1930's/40's Ronson faux-tortoiseshell and gilt-metal cigarette case and lighter combination, stamped Ronson Dureum, the cover engraved with a monogram. 30-40
504.    A pair of late 18th/early 19th century sugar loaf cutters 20-40
505.    A large quantity of costume jewellery to include earrings, brooches etc and a mother of pearl silver bladed folding fruit knife 20-30
506.    Three modern lady's and gent's wristwatches 15-25
507.    Maritime interest: S.S. Lancastria, an enamel-mounted white metal cigarette box, the hinged cover inset with a polychrome engine-turned enamel plaque in Arts & Crafts taste.

Note: the S.S. Lancastria was a Cunard liner launched in 1920. It was used as a troop ship during World War II and was notoriously sunk with the loss of thousands of lives off St. Nazaire, France, in June 1940. 50-70
508.    A jewellery box containing a 19th century silver plated spectacles case for a necessaire, cotume jewellery, horn cup, silver-mounted ivory napkin ring etc 30-40
509.    An Indian design necklace with amber and clear coloured beads with gilt spacers 12-18
510.    A set of four reproduction Oriental coins depicting women. 8-12
511.    A White metal reproduction whistle engraved RMS Titanic. 10-20
512.    A cold painted Vienna style bronze of a lioness, stamped to rear right inside leg. 12cm long 30-50
513.    A Chinese mottled brown hardstone pendant carved with a rat amidst foliage, the yellow metal bale stamped with calligraphy. 30-40
514.    A large Chinese white metal trade token, decorated with the Buddha and calligraphy, 16cm x 10cm 15-25
515.    A group of five Peking glass bangles. 25-35
516.    A cold painted Vienna style bronze dish in the form of a demon stretching his skin, stamp mark to base, 15cm long 30-40
517.    A collection of Commemorative badges for 1877 jubilee and 1911 and 1937 coronations, a group of enamel badges including NSPCC, Northumberland Special constabulary, NGWAH good service badge 1916-1919, British railways N.E. Region, five brass buttons etc., 25-35
518.    Perth Four Parishes Scottish Church communion token, 1807, upright oval on white metal, together with an 18th Century square Church communion token inscribed Perth. (2)
519.    A silver mounted swing handle Copeland Spode basket, the silver basket hallmarked for Birmingham 1910, 50-70
520.    A group of silver comprising a Victorian sauce ladle, London 1854 (fiddle pattern); together with two napkin rings; a filigree spoon; a silver-handled button hook; together with silver plated sugar tongs. Weighable silver 2.5 troy ounces 40-60
521.    A George V silver hip flask with engine turned decoration, capacity of 1/6 of a pint, hallmarked for Walker and Hall, Sheffield 1935, 3.1 troy oz 20-30
522.    An early 20th century silver topped hair tidy, Birmingham 1919, together with a silver collared scent bottle, and silver topped scent bottle 20-30
523.    A late 19th century gilt brass cased pocket barometer, dial unmarked 40-60
524.    An Edwardian silver open cased pocket watch, the dial signed AWW Co Waltham, Mass. 40-60
525.    An Italian 9ct gold link bracelet, 14g 60-80
526.    A silver (unmarked but tested) brooch with pierced thistle decoration and amber coloured citrine to centre 20-30
527.    A cold painted Vienna style bronze of a pug dog dressed as a chef holding a frying pan, with stamp to base of pan, 11cm high 30-40
528.    Two Chinese carved hardstone pendants, one decorated with a horse the other fishes. 10-20
529.    Two Chinese carved bone pendants, depicting a seated Buddha and a smiling Buddha's face. 10-15
530.    A Chinese green hardstone bead necklace and bracelet. (2) 15-25
531.    A quantity of silver jewellery and costume jewellery. 20-40
532.    A group of costume jewellery including a tri-form silver brooch, a silver and paste purse form pendant etc. 30-40
533.    A group of gold and gilt-metal jewellery, including a Victorian mourning ring, a small carved coral pendant on a mount marked 14 carat, etc (7) 70-90
534.    A silver child's circular christening dish, embossed with teddy bears, Sheffield 1997,
15cm diameter, 4 troy ounces.
535.    A reproduction cast iron advertising sign for "Shell Oil", 29.5cm long 15-25
536.    A painted cast iron advertising mascot in the form of the "Michelin Man" riding a motorbike, 21cm long 30-50
537.    A painted metal money bank in the form of the "Michelin Man", 15.5cm high 25-35
538.    Three bone and faux ivory necklaces. 30-40
539.    A tray of costume jewellery including two vintage compacts, Scottish brooches, faux coral earrings etc 25-35
540.    A set of three Chinese ivory napkin rings, each carved with figures in landscapes. 30-40
541.    An 18ct yellow gold diamond eternity ring, set with eleven small round brilliants. Ring size K 100-150
542.    A Victorian diamond ring, the five graduating old brilliant-cut diamonds within an undulating border hallmarked for 18 carat gold. Ring size O.
543.    A sterling silver three nib propelling pen, enamelled band for red, blue and black; together with a sterling silver propelling pencil. (2) 30-50
544.    A silver-mounted easel mirror with bevelled plate. 70-90
545.    A 9ct gold smoky quartz ring, the large oval-cut stone (20mm) in a pierced and scroll-cast mount in a yellow gold band. Ring size G 40-60
546.    An 18ct gold cultured pearl ring, the single pearl claw-set on a tapering yellow gold band. Gross 3.7 grams, ring size P 70-90
547.    A modern silver ingot pendant, London 2000 together with a late Victorian small 9ct gold pendant housing two black and white photographs and a small rolled gold oval pendant frame 25-30
548.    A group of 9ct gold comprising a pendant in Aztec style on tracelink chain; and three small bracelets. Total 11.5 grams 80-120
549.    A stylish Bulova Art Deco 14ct white gold lady's wrist watch, the signed silvered dial with Arabic numerals in a rectangular case with cut-off corners on the original ribbon strap with 14ct white gold buckle, signed jewelled movement, case inscribed pat. Jun. 1924. Length of case 27mm 150-200
550.    A Chinese enamel painted glass snuff bottle, 9.5cm high 12-18
551.    A set of six silver handled fruit knives, Sheffield 1903 together with five matching fruit forks. (11) 15-20
552.    A set of six silver plated spoons, of World War 1 interest, each embossed with
a portrait medallion and named Grey,Alderson,French,Roberts,Smith Dorian and Jellicoe,
boxed. 50-70
552A.   The Mountbatten Medallic History Of Great Britain And The Sea, a complete limited edition collection of one hundred silver commemorative medals, minted by John Pinches, mounted in four bound volumes and sold with certificate. Total silver weight approx. 130 troy ounces 1500-2000
553.    A late 19th century "Thomason" patent corkscrew with a turned bone handle. 90-110
554.    A decorative wooden jewellery box with a mirrored interior containing a quantity of costume jewellery. 12cm x 25.5cm x 15cm 25-35
555.    A George IV Scottish silver toddy ladle, Edinburgh 1825, bearing the makers initials W.E. 1.03 troy oz 60-80
556.    A small gilt metal lorgnette. 15-25
557.    A set of five silver Essex & Suffolk Hunt spoons the stem cast with a hunting whip and foxes head and the finial cast with the monogram E&S H, all marked for Birmingham and dated 1914 and later, 2.9 troy ounces 30-40
558.    A pair of late 18th Century steel and leather shoe buckles. 40-60
559.    Two green glass dumps, 19cm high 40-60
560.    A gentlemans 9ct gold band gypsy-style ring 30-40
561.    A silver chainlink bracelet; together with a silver brooch with crossed golf clubs. (2) 20-30
562.    A lady's 9ct gold band ring with diamond chips tog. with a 9ct gold band diamond and amethyst ring 30-40
563.    A lady's 18ct gold signet ring. 2.4 grams, ring size G 40-60
564.    A lady's 18ct gold band flower head ring together with a silver band eternity ring 40-60
565.    A late Victorian opal and diamond ring, the three graduating cabochon cut opals claw set and spaced by a cushion cut diamond and eight rose cut diamond highlights, hallmarked for 18 carat gold. Ring size R 1/2. 100-150
566.    A pair of diamond cluster earrings, each with a round brilliant within eight smaller brilliants, mounted in unmarked white metal (possibly platinum) on post and butterfly fittings. Diameter of each 11mm, total diamonds approx. 1 carat 250-350
567.    A silver stamp box, the glazed cover inset with a Victorian halfpenny stamp, impressed mark 925. 40-60
568.    A Chinese green hardstone bead necklace, on a 14ct gold clasp; together with a Chinese pale green hardstone necklace with pierced fish-carved pendant; and a pair of silver-mounted green hardstone stud earrings. (3) 50-70
569.    A George V silver vesta case; together with a modern silver-mounted glass pot pourri jar. (2) 30-40
570.    A 9ct gold brooch set with amethysts 30-40
571.    A box containing frameless mirror, brass mirror and prints 10-20
572.    A quantity of framed articles 5-10
573.    A quantity of framed photographs, prints etc. 5-10
574.    An early 20th century school Highland Cattle watering, watercolour, framed, tog. with brass tray, prints etc. 25-35
575.    After Miles Birket Foster, The Busy Bee, Shoreham, watercolour, tog. with a watercolour of a bluebell wood and a print of a wooded pond 25-35
576.    A box of frames 5-10
577.    A group of framed articles 10-15
578.    Three Chinese framed metal panels etc. 40-60
579.    A box of prints 5-10
580.    Watercolour of a meadow signed and dated '89 10-15
581.    A 1930's oak framed oval mirror 10-15
582.    A pair of Edwardian framed portrait photographs 10-20
583.    Three ornithological prints and a watercolour of a seaside town 10-20
584.    A box of framed articles 5-10
585.    A Victorian acid etched glass hotel window 40-50
585A.   Three framed articles to include limited edition print by Celia Margaret 15-20
586.    Norman Robertshaw, Bootham Bar, York, watercolour 30-40
587.    A pair of hunting prints 5-10
588.    After Claire Eva Burton, four limited edition racing prints, with certificates, mounted. 30-40
589.    After Dendy Sadler, a black/white engraving, singed in pencil in original oak frame 30-50
590.    An engraved map of York 15-20
591.    Three early 20th century Australian paintings on leaf of Eltham, and two of Yarra Glen, Victoria, Australia, each framed and individually annotated 80-120
592.    After G. Brennir, a pair of rural landscapes, coloured prints, framed.
593.    A set of three golfing prints after Edmund Fuller. 10-20
594.    Sir Rex Harrison (1908-1990), "Carribean Hibiscus" a limited edition print, signed and dated, ed. 6/20 20-30
595.    A pair of 1920's humorous golfing prints, mounted as one. 10-20
596.    A group of 19th century and later landscape watercolours, mounted, unframed. 50-70
597.    John Smithson, Fisherman on the Wharfe, Pool, and The Aire, Bingley, watercolours highlighted with white, inscribed lower left and signed lower right, a pair, framed and glazed. (2) 60-80
598.    Liz Taylor, "Prestbury", watercolour, framed and signed 20-30
599.    After Miles Birket Foster, set of four coloured lithographic prints of children, framed and glazed. (4) 15-25
600.    Early 19th century hand coloured prints, The Pleasures of Love and Recruitment and Connubial Happiness, a pair, framed and glazed. (2) 10-20
601.    19th Century naive school, View of the Channel Between Tangiers and Tarifa, indistinctly signed lower left, oil on panel, framed. 20cm by 26cm 200-300
602.    J.W. Ogden (19th/20th Century), A Headland Storm, inscribed "Mr. A. Lowes, J.W. Ogden" verso, oil on canvas, in a gilt-composition frame. 44cm by 34cm 80-120
603.    After Britain Riviere, Pears print titled 'Naughty Boy', framed and glazed 8-12
604.    Oil on board, Continental mountain scene, tog. with acyrlic on board, river scene, signed Windberg 15-25
605.    A Tall ships race mirror and a map of Australia on metal 5-10
606.    A gilt mirror 5-10
607.    After G. Morland, The Thatcher, engraved J. Ward, coloured print and After J. Ward, The Cottages Favourite, engraved W.S. Reynolds, both framed and glazed. (2) 30-50
608.    After Turner, engraved by J. Hunt, August Grouse Shooting and January Snipe Shoot,
plates 1 and 6, published J.W. Laird 1841. (2) 10-20
609.    After J. Sturgess, racing print inscribed Non Nicer and Airs and Graces, together with
Racehorses out on exercise in the snow, coloured limited edition print 191/850 by Neil Crawthorne, signed in pencil, framed and glazed. (2)

610.    Bertouch, Trout fisherman on a Highland loch, pastel, signed and dated 1946,
framed and glazed, 32cm by 52cm. 40-60
611.    Hardy Bros. Classic Collection of Nine Classic Flies tied by James (Paxie) Saunders,
coloured print, framed and glazed.
612.    After Miles Birket Foster, Children on a beach, coloured lithographic print, framed and glazed, together with a coloured photographic print of a view of a river (2) 20-40
613.    After George Wright, Four coloured photographic hunting prints, (4) 20-30
614.    Douglas Pittuck, Barnard Castle, pen and ink sketch highlighted with white, signed and dated 1976, framed and glazed. 40cm by 64cm 20-30
614A.   Margaret Wilson, Malham, watercolour in gouache, signed, framed and glazed 40-60
615.    Sir William Russell Flint (Scottish 1880-1969) limited edition print, "Th Golden Barrier, Loch Earn" signed in pencil, with blind stamp, framed. 30-50
616.    Roy Perry, Golfing interest 'Seven Iron', coloured lithograph, framed, tog. with a print 10-20
617.    D Wood, 'Sheep in a Field', watercolour, signed and dated '83, framed 5-10
618.    Keith English, Female Nude, oil on canvas, signed. 50-70
619.    F.W. Corner, Horse and Cart in a Farmyard, signed, pastel, framed and glazed. 20-40
620.    F.W. Corner, Richmond, Yorkshire Morning, pastel, signed, framed and glazed.

621.    A 1960's school, oil on canvas, Notre Dame, signed Basset 30-40
622.    A.Keld, Haycart with figures, signed lower left, oil on canvas, unframed. 30cm by 46cm 40-60
623.    Krause, Loading the catch, signed lower left, oil on canvas, unframed. 30-50
624.    Manner of Doyly John, Continental Street Scene, oil on board, framed. 28cm by 38cm 30-40
625.    A.S. Brewis, View of a chapel, signed lower left, oil on board, framed. 20-40
626.    After George Morland, No. 9 Breaking the Ice, coloured engraving by J.R. Smith Jnr., published L.R. Smith, London 1793, framed and glazed.
627.    Jean Hardcastle, rural scene with cottages, watercolour together with three
further watercolours by contemporary artists. (4) 10-20
628.    G. Alderson, Blackcock in Woodland, signed and dated 1977, oil on canvas, together with
another oil by the same hand, unframed. (2) 10-20
629.    G.Alderson, Black game on a moor, signed and dated 1968, together with a study of a Ptarmigan and two other landscapes by the same hand, oils on board, unframed. (4) 60-70
630.    G. Alderson, Isle of Staffa, signed lower right and dated 1984 together with View of
Stack Hill House, Askrigg Moor, October 1980, oil on board, unframed. (2)
631.    G. Alderson, Woodland landscape, signed and dated '77, oil on board together with three other landscapes by the same hand (4) 50-70
632.    T. L. Rowbotham (mid 19th century), On Lake Geneva, watercolour heightened with white, signed lower right, framed and glazed.24cm by 36cm 120-150
633.    After Christopher Saxon, a map of the East Riding of Yorkshire, engraved by G. Hole, published by Camden, later coloured, framed and glazed. Image 20cm by 24cm 60-80
634.    3 Platoon Inkerman Company CC 941, a coloured photograph by Jim Farrar, framed. 10-20
635.    'Sex Appeal' a shoot with hounds and a hare, humourous coloured print, framed.
636.    After George Morland, engraved by W.Ward, The Barn Door, coloured engraving published April 9, 1792 by T. Simpson, St Pauls Churchyard, framed. 44cm by 53cm 40-60
637.    George Marks, (1876-1930), signed and dated 1882, watercolour, 23cm by 43cm
638.    Mavis Gilchrist, oil on canvas, female nude playing double bass, not signed 20-30
639.    Mavis Gilchrist, oil on canvas, reclining female nude, not signed 20-30
640.    Mavis Gilchrist, oil on canvas, reclining female nude, not signed 20-30
641.    Mavis Gilchrist, oil on canvas, reclining female nude, not signed 20-30
642.    Walter Cecil Hornsell, (1911 - 1980), View from a Churchyard, pastel, 29cm by 41cm 60-80
643.    J. Loebnitz, a blue and white glazed pottery plaque of a windmill, signed with initials lower left, inscribed on the reverse and dated 1864, framed, 20cm by 29cm 60-80
644.    Peter Ward, portrait study of a green eyed cat, pastel, framed. 30-50
645.    A.W. Ayling, Cottages by a Loch, watercolour, signed, unframed, 34cm by 43cm watercolour, signed, unframed, 34cm by 43cm 100-120
646.    A gilt wood mirror 10-15
647.    A group of four gilt and brass mirrors 30-50
648.    A wooden framed mirror 4-6
649.    A gilt wood framed mirror 10-20
650.    An oval mirror within a floral painted wooden frame 20-30
651.    A gilt wood mirror 4-6
652.    After Alfred Munnings, Huntsman with hounds, photographic print laid on board together with another of a horse watering in a landscape (2)

653.    Mid 19th Century British School, Courtyard of a Franciscan Monastery, watercolour together with two small watercolours of houses framed as one, one inscribed Gellatly Street. (2) 20-40
654.    John Paterson ARCA, Durham Cathedral, limited edition print, 92/100 together with
a photograph of Durham and another framed article (3) 5-10
655.    A watercolour of a labrador with a duck, indistinctly signed together with a Nigel Heming print of a study of labradors (2) 20-40
656.    Henry Wilkinson (born 1921) Gun dog with pheasant, limited edition coloured engraving, signed in pencil on the mount, 27cm by 30cm 30-50
657.    Henry Wilkinson, (born 1921) two coloured etchings of dogs with ducks, signed in pencil in the mount, limited edition. 25cm by 36cm 50-70
658.    A South West Persian small carpet 40-60
659.    A hand stitched saddle bag, together with another smaller.(2) 30-40
660.    A Bokhara rug 20-30
661.    An Anantolian prayer rug 20-30
662.    A Madras style runner with a rose ground, 2.8m x 0.75m 140-160
663.    A Chinese rug with red ground 25-35
664.    A Turkish rug 15-25
665.    A Turkish rug 15-25
666.    A Keshan style carpet with a blue ground, 2.3m x 1.6m 150-200
667.    A Bidjar style carpet with a golden ground, 2.8m x 2m 180-220
668.    A Bidjar style carpet with a rose ground, 2.3m x 1.6m 150-200
669.    A Bokhara style carpet with a red ground, 2.8/2m 100-150
670.    A hostess trolley 5-10
671.    Two wooden occasional tables 20-30
672.    Two standard lamps 10-15
673.    A mahogany occasional table, a brass standard lamp and an Edwardian mahogany occasional table 30-50
674.    A modern brass uplighter 3-5
675.    A wicker and bamboo occasional table 5-10
676.    A large quantity of tools inc. vintage wooden planes 30-50
677.    A counter top fridge 5-10
678.    A group of seven leaded stained glass panels 15-25
679.    An oak trolley 5-10
680.    A large television cabinet 8-12
681.    A vintage sack barrow, tog. with a three legged stool 5-10
682.    A box of tools, tog. with an electric fire and surround 3-5
683.    An electric lawnmower, tog. with a hose and reel etc. 15-20
684.    A camp bed 3-5
685.    A trolley jack, tog with a projector 3-5
686.    A pressure washer 3-5
687.    A 19th century painted cast iron pub table 15-25
688.    A painted metal garden table and two chairs 15-20
688A.   A pair of cylindrical chimney pots 100-120
688B.   No Lot 100-120
689.    A bamboo planter, tog. with an occasional table 3-5
690.    Two bags of vintage wooden planes 15-25
691.    A vintage metal strong box 10-20
692.    Ski poles, folding fishing steel and a director's chair 5-19
693.    A pair of circular marble topped tables 80-100
694.    A large pair of painted terracotta garden ewers 100-150
695.    A large terracotta garden urn 200-300
696.    A group of iron inc. double cobblers last, hay basket, brazier stand etc. 30-50
697.    A cast iron bootscraper 10-20
698.    Two cast iron dog grates 30-40
699.    A man's bike 20-30
700.    A man's bike 20-30
701.    A cast iron pig trough 40-60
702.    A vintage Spong regulator 15-25
703.    Four panel doors 25-35
704.    Two large iron bound cartwheels 180-220
705.    A cast iron corner trough 20-30
706.    A weathered stone block 30-50
707.    Two cases 6-10
708.    A Victorian chaise longue 150-200
709.    A stained pine clock case 20-30
710.    A pine hanging rack 10-20
711.    A faux leather double bed 20-30
712.    A nest of tile top tables, tog. with a nest of beech tables 40-60
713.    A 19th century oak Lancashire ladderback chair
713A.   A ropework stool 5-10
714.    An oak stool in 17th century style 20-30
715.    A late 19th century brass bound coopered stick stand 30-50
716.    An upholstered box stool 20-30
717.    A 19th century faux bamboo folding chair, tog. with a canework gout stool of similar date 10-20
718.    A pine framed double bed 10-20
719.    A button backed serpentine sofa 15-25
720.    A group of furniture comprising nine ropework and other stools, an office chair, a folding workbag, a folding beech chair, a vintage canvassed top folding garden table, a 1960's teak occasional table and a directors chair (15) 30-50
721.    A pair of late 17th century oak side chairs, each with panelled back and plank seat 150-200
722.    A small 19th century oak oval gateleg table 80-100
723.    A mahogany dropleaf table 5-10
724.    A painted wooden rocking horse in period style 30-40
725.    Two Middle Eastern carved wooden folding tables 80-100
726.    A brass framed double bed 10-20
727.    A good quality wicker conservatory suite, comprising three armchairs and a chaise 80-120
728.    A faux leather double bed 20-30
729.    A group of furniture comprising a pair of pine bedside cupboards, a nest of four modern glass topped tables, LLoyd Loom ottoman, Lloyd Loom bedside cabinet and a tile topped coffee table 50-70
730.    A 19th century oak dish top tripod table 100-150
731.    A reproduction mahogany standing corner cupboard 20-30
732.    A glazed hanging corner cupboard 20-30
733.    A 19th century glazed hanging cupboard 10-20
734.    A pair of contemporary beech sideboards 30-40
735.    A period style mahogany and leather inset low chest of campaign type 15-25
736.    A Victorian mahogany bedside cabinet 30-50
737.    A group of furniture comprising a bedside cabinet, occasional table, a magazine rack, low cabinet and an onyx occasional table 8-12
738.    A 19th century rosewood tilt top tripod table with rectangular top 70-90
739.    A pine low cabinet 10-15
740.    A 19th century mahogany occasional table with tri-form platform base, tog. with an occasional table with single drawer 25-35
741.    An oak stand 30-40
742.    Three glazed stacking cabinets 5-10
743.    A Victorian mahogany pedestal desk 50-70
744.    A 19th century copper helmet coal scuttle 150-200
745.    A drop leaf refectory table and six chairs 15-20
746.    A Middle Eastern brass topped folding tray table 20-30
747.    A George III style mahogany pie crust tilt-top tripod table 10-20
748.    A group of furniture comprising a pine towel rail, two oak low tables and an oak and pine kitchen table 25-35
749.    A Victorian green and gilt-painted papier-mache occasional table 30-50
750.    A 19th century mahogany with ebonised cross banding tilt-top breakfast table on a tripod standard 20-30
751.    A pair of Edwardian inlaid mahogany side chairs 20-30
752.    A two piece Art Deco suite comprising two seater sofa and an armchair 70-90
753.    A sofa and armchair 40-60
754.    A 19th century mechanical reclining armchair 60-80
755.    A chair bed 5-10
756.    A 19th century large trug, tog. with two brass jam pans 20-30
757.    A three piece suite 15-20
758.    A 1920's tub chair 70-90
759.    A 1920's two-fold needlework screen 25-35
760.    A Sony flat screen television 50-70
761.    A 19th century oak gateleg dining table 100-200
762.    A period metal foot locker, a tin trunk and a canvas trunk 30-40
763.    A 19th century oak writing table in the Gothic revival manner 100-150
764.    A pair of golden oak dining chairs 20-30
765.    An oak gateleg breakfast table, tog. with four oak barleytwist dining chairs 30-40
766.    A small three drawer bedroom chest 30-40
767.    Modern corner shelves 3-5
768.    A period style burr veneer occasional table 5-10
769.    A two seat high back stained pine settle 25-35
770.    A 1930's walnut circular coffee table 20-30
771.    A 19th century tripod table 25-35
772.    A large Edwardian brass fender, with urn finials and bowed front. 135cm by 38cm 80-100
773.    A breakfast table and four chairs 10-20
774.    An aesthetic period ebonised occasional table, tog. with a work table 10-20
775.    A pair of good quality 19th century burr walnut balloon back drawing room chairs 30-50
776.    A 19th century elm and oak chair of Oxford type, tog. with Windsor armchair 30-40
777.    A dining table and six chairs 15-25
778.    A rattan conservatory chair 8-12
779.    A modern dining table with six faux leather dining chairs 40-60
780.    A pine blanket box in period style 30-40
780A.   A pine kitchen table, tog. with four chairs 30-40
781.    A modern marquetry table and six chairs 15-25
782.    A modern pine spinning wheel 25-35
783.    Two Durham quilts 20-30
784.    A pair of cut glass nine light chandeliers in period style 50-70
785.    A leather inset reproduction coffee table and stool 5-10
786.    Three occasional tables 5-10
787.    A contemporary mahogany dining table, tog. with four ladderback chairs 70-90
788.    Three wicker baskets 10-20
788A.   A wooden case croquet set. 25-35
789.    A period style dropleaf table 5-10
790.    Three aesthetic movement ebonised painted and and gilt wood 30-50
791.    A pine blanket box 8-12
792.    A glass top modern extending dining table and four chairs 10-20
793.    A kitsch floor standing globe cocktail cabinet 40-60
794.    An oak tea trolley and a mahogany cake stand 8-12
795.    A George III style mahogany child's chair 180-200
796.    A nest of two Chinese laquer tables 10-20
797.    A mahogany cellarette 40-60
798.    A 19th century stained pine box, tog. with a tin trunk and a wall clock 20-30
799.    An 18th century mahogany washstand 30-50
800.    A 19th century mahogany framed needlework polescreen 30-50
801.    A mahogany drawleaf table 25-35
802.    A set of four chairs of Windsor type 10-30
803.    A 19th century mahogany D-end dining table with one leaf 25-35
804.    A set of six 1970's G-plan teak dining chairs 80-100
805.    A needlework firescreen and a standard lamp 8-12
806.    A refectory table and six chairs 30-40
807.    A standard lamp and pair of matching table lamps 30-40
808.    Withdrawn
809.    A 1920's oak swivelling office chair 50-70
810.    A period style mahogany desk 50-70
811.    A Continental mahogany double bed frame lacking side rails 30-40
812.    A 1930's walnut vitrine cabinet 25-35
813.    A 1950's walnut cocktail cabinet 15-25
814.    A group comprising a hanging cupboard, a marquetry jewellery table, a small oak cakestand and an onyz standard lamp 10-20
815.    A teak open bookcase lacking glass 5-10
816.    A mahogany glazed display cabinet 15-25
817.    A vintage Pye radio 10-20
818.    An early 20th century small oak slant front bureau 15-25
819.    A jewellery chest 5-10
820.    A wicker bathroom cabinet 5-10
821.    An early 20th century oak jardiniere stand 15-20
822.    A 1920's carved oak fall front bureau 20-30
823.    A burr veneer hi-fi cabinet with Garrard deck and Dynatron amplifier 40-60
824.    An early 20th century over mantel mirror 5-10
825.    A dining table and four chairs 8-12
826.    An oak workbox 5-10
827.    A brass bound coal box 8-12
828.    A canvas steamer trunk fitted with five drawers 40-60
829.    A Victorian painted toilet mirror 5-10
830.    An early 20th century inlaid mahogany slant front bureau fitted with drop down doors, cupboard and fitted interior 80-120
831.    An 18th century pie crust tripod table (a/f) 25-35
832.    A brass extending fender 8-12
833.    A 1920's mahogany dressing table, tog. with a matching washstand 30-50
834.    A 19th century oak child's armchair 20-30
835.    A 19th century child's highchair 20-30
836.    Ann oak sideboard 10-20
838.    Pine hanging shelves 8-12
839.    A 1920's inlaid mahogany piano stool 40-60
840.    A two piece walnut bedroom suite comprising dressing table, chest of drawers, tog. with a small oak dropleaf table and bedside cabinet 25-35
841.    A 1930's oak chest of drawers and a modern chest of drawers 10-15
842.    A bow front bedside cupboard 5-10
843.    A 19th century mahogany and brass polescreen with beadwork banner 30-50
844.    A mahogany and walnut breakfront sideboard 30-40
845.    Three splayed leg stools 20-30
846.    An oak cased grandmother clock in period style 220-240
847.    a 19th century painted wooden fire surround with mirrored over mantel 50-70
848.    A mahogany glazed hanging corner cupboard 80-100
849.    A 1930's grandmother clock 5-10
850.    A lead glazed trolley 5-10
851.    A 19th century mahogany sofa table 25-35
852.    A pair of period style sabre leg chairs 10-15
853.    A 19th century pine collectors cabinet, the two panel doors enclosing an interior fitted with an arrangement of drawers 100-150
854.    A Moore & Moore mahogany upright piano 20-30
855.    A Victorian mahogany glazed bookcase cabinet 70-90
856.    An oak mirror backed sideboard 10-20
857.    A period style display cabinet 30-40
858.    An early 20th century asymmetrical oak glazed and mirror backed sideboard 80-120
859.    An Edwardian satin wood cross-banded mahogany bookcase cabinet in 18th century style 200-300